Diagnostic Visits

The Academy’s Diagnostic visits help those involved in building and sustaining successful places to understand the factors that underpin or undermine their success. The service provides a critical friend’s assessment of local aspirations, responsibilities and actions. It applies the expertise and experience from a pool of over 500 Academicians.

What can a diagnostic visit do for my place?

Diagnostic Visits can be used to strengthen local relationships, commission advice, lobby and bid for support, attract investment, stimulate local participation and lift local self-image.

How it works

A small team of Academicians is chosen according to our host’s brief. Over a 24-hour period they meet and listen to a range of stakeholders, including community, public and private representatives, to review local aspirations and identify conflicts and synergies. A report is produced outlining suggested priorities for action.

If you think that your place could benefit from the Academy’s expertise please contact the AoU team by emailing [email protected]

Diagnostic Reports